Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is the latest and most advanced development in car paint protection. This nearly undetectable, urethane paint protective film is designed to protect against impact damage from everyday road hazards such as gravel, debris, stones, road salt, insects, and even minor collisions.

The invisible paint protection film is 8 millimeters thick and applied to any painted surface. Our pre-cut patterns are designed to fit any current vehicles’ hoods, fenders, mirrors and bumpers. Clear bra installation commonly takes between 3-5 hours. A clear bra takes 30 days to fully cure, however, you can drive after installation though we recommend that you not wash it for a week. At Hi-Line Styling, we use 3M Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film, which is the toughest chip protection film on the market, combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with a high shear and tack adhesive.

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